Genny's Journal

What does a cat put in a blog? Well, find out here ...

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Hello out there kitties,
This is Bill, Genny's owner. Genny is to busy napping and her paws are sore from too much surfing so she asked me to post tonight. Genny seems to be perfecting a new Cat Olympic event in the category of bed vaulting. At night when I have the light on and am reading she will sneak up to the side of the bed and just patiently sit and watch, biding her time until she is sure no one is paying attention. Then she JUMPS! Trying to clear at least one of us and only touching down in the middle so she can vault the other person and land on the floor on the other side of the bed. A couple of times she has scared the heck out of me and I will try to push her away which messes up her rhythm and timing. So last night she got it right and cleared both of us and the width of the bed in two jumps. Pretty good for a fat kitty. She walked away with this smug, self satisfied expression on her face. I am sure she will attempt again soon. She is going for a record, I think.

Monday, April 26, 2004

Humans are funny. My owner was really nice to me today when he opened the back door so I could look outside and get some fresh air. but when I wanted him to walk me outside like he did Sunday he would not do it. Make up your mind already. He even almost rolled over on me when he went to go lay down on the floor. I cannot train grace into a clumsy human. Yeesh!

I am cold, time to go burrow underneath the quilt and get warm....

Thursday, April 22, 2004

My owner has crossed into the realm of weird. He keeps reading history books when I think he just needs a good nap. Today he stepped on my tail. OUCHY! I was mad at him for a while over that. I get so frustrated trying to train humans. Two stepps forward and one step back. Sigh ....

Nappy time now ...

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Boxes, now there is the solution to this world peace thing my owner keeps mumbling about. If humans just could figure out the joys of playing a box then people might stop bombing each other. Boxes are places you can hide in, places you can curl up for a nap in, places you can stash your toys in,... sigh, what heaven is surely contained in a box, hmmm?

My owner was searching and cleaning things out tonight. so he had an empty box lying around. So I filled the box up with myself and put it to good use as a hiding place waiting for psycho-cat. She thought she could sneak up on me but ... HAH! After we got done playing I took a nap in the box.

Poor Billy. My cousin Violet had to spend a night on an airplane once, she hated every minute of it. Now she freaks out if she hears a plane going overhead. I bet she can sympathize.

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

hello 'net cats,

Many a naptime has gone by for me, my owner says that I am lazy. HA! I am just gathering my thoughts so I can make some good posts. Sometimes, that takes more thought than other times, and thereby requires more naps. (bet you never thought you would hear a cat use words like "thereby" either, hmmm?) Blogging is fun but takes some work.

Anyway, I got brushed today. I have trained my owner to brush properly. Just the right pressure and speed with the brush. When they hit the sweet spot, mmmmmmm it feels so good. :)

Also I climbed underneath some blankets to nap so I could get warm. Boy sometimes I envy cats that live in warmer climes; maybe I need to live in Arizona or somewhere.

My new net friends Has and Kotoka have a nice blog started at Hiss, Scratch, Piss and Beware! looks to be a fun read. Now to bug my owner into setting up haloscan comments for my blog. :)

Bye for now!

Saturday, April 03, 2004

Last week was a bad one. Friday night I was watching out the back door when I saw a CAT! come into MY yard! Needless to say I hissed and screamed and generally scared the heck out of everyone around including Pyscho-cat. I could not Attack the cat out there because the screen door was closed so we just hissed at each othe r, Bill's girl friend came running downstairs and closed the door and ran the other cat off. I was SO hyped up! They had to hold me for a half hour to calm me down.That cat was bigger than me; and it was my yard. I am not going to let another cat into the good thing I got going here. These humans took a long time to train and I am not eager to train any more.

But, Friday was not done with me. I went downstairs later that night with Bill but I was really sneaky and he never heard me.He walked right out and closed the door on me. I had to spend the whole night in the little utility room. When my owner got up in the morning, I had to meow like crazy to get someone to let me out. Yeesh!

Today I had to go back to the vet. I am not fond of that place since they like to poke and prod me in place I would rather them not. My owner said I do not have to go back for a while now though. I need to go back this summer for another shot, ick! The less of that the better!