Genny's Journal

What does a cat put in a blog? Well, find out here ...

Saturday, January 31, 2004

Tonight I was sleeping in my little teepee when i felt something touch me, I raised up and spun around and ... scared the daylights out of psycho-cat. She was sneakin' up on me but I've got her number. Scared her right up the steps just by looking at her, hehe scaredy cat ...

My owner's girlfriend changed the favorite sleeping spot for a lower box, I think the big people use it for a "hamper". Whatever, it just makes for a great spot to sleep on. Now it is even better since it is lower and I can jump up onto it easier. Time to test it out for a nappy ...

Yippee!! my owner finally got a pic of me up on his home page!!

for that he gets a head bump and purr!!!!

I am a happy kitty! ^_^

check it out at The Romperroom

Friday, January 30, 2004

whew! it is very very cold tonight! I am going to curl up under the bed because the air vents out there and it is a warm spot.

Psycho-cat was running around trying to play until she saw me. then she ran away so I chased her for a bit. She hid under the table, the scaredy cat! :)

My owner said he will try soon to mod the code on my blog to include a piccy of me, kewl, huh?!

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Today I tried to get up into the cat tower to get at Jesse's food which everyone thought would be hidden inside. But I sniffed it out. I almost got hurt when a bunch of stuff i was standing on fell over. Dangnabbit! Tomorrow that food is mine!

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Today my owner went to a place he calls "work". I do not know where he actually goes but it is nice to have some peace and quiet so I can take a long nap. He said I could not put a picture up on blogspot because it is too hard for him to figure out the upload procedure. So I got even with him when he came home and refused to greet him for a bit. He had to beg. Humans are so easy to manipulate.

I took Psycho-cat's favorite spot this morning and she was bent. Hehe, I like to tease her but she usually does not get it, crazy cat.

Hmmmm, I feel a nap coming on ....

Monday, January 26, 2004

It took three tries but my owner finally got my blog set up... oh, oh, the fun we will have ...

blogspot is nice, need to edit those links on the side, now to edit a picture ...

My name is Genny. I, of course am a cat. But I use the internet a lot with the help of my owner, Bill. He even gave me my own email but he will not let me post it here because of spam trolls. He says that our other cat, Jesse, gets spammed with Viagra ads a lot (she is a she and a cat , but for some reason there are gullible people trying to convince her to buy Viagra from them). Jesse posted her email in a few places and the spam trolls quickly found it.

Anyway, I bugged my owner when i read how easy blogger is and he told me about his personal web page. So here we are finding out what a cat puts in a blog ....

My first post, ... Sometimes I spell things with a "G" in front like my name but my owner said to avoid doing that on the 'net. Today was a lazy day but since there was a lot of snow and ice my owner stayed home from work and I had a hard time napping. Finally had to curl up in a closet while he went outside to shovel snow. Psycho-cat (my nickname for Jesse :) ) was curled up on a chair and not swatting at me so I left her alone and we napped. At 3 my owner told me to get up and pulled me out of the closet. I was just trying to nap, yeesh. He started working on his web page and I came in the room to remind him to set up my blog.

Tomorrow or later tonight my owner says he will help me upload a picture.

uh-oh Psycho-cat is coming so I need to check out the bed while she jumps up on the desk for a nap under the desk lamp.

catch you all later :)