Genny's Journal

What does a cat put in a blog? Well, find out here ...

Friday, February 27, 2004

Hello people, I have not published much lately because I have not had much time with all the napping and other cat type stuff going on.

Pyscho-cat is still a meanie, I caught her charging up the steps one day and she hissed and swatted at me. I just wanted to play. yeesh! What a pyscho.

My owners told me that I am getting too fat and I have to go on a "diet". I think that that means I am going to go hungry a lot. I like food, especially all that human-type food with lots of turkey. YUM! My Owner's girlfriend told me that she is not going to give me as much canned food in the morning, sighhhh. Well ok, I can live with that, I guess. My owner gave me some nice treats with seafood in them, YUM! I like fish.

I got to take a nap on my owner's lap last night, I like having a warm lap to curl up in once in a while, even if I can never figure out what to do with my front paws.

see you all later, have a great day with lots of good little naps.

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Today I found that my owner had left the Afghan on the front couch and I could catch a real good nap there. I only woke up because they came home from "work".

My owner said he has some real good pictures of me to post soon! I'll let you all know when they go up.

Sunday, February 15, 2004

Hi folks,

I am getting ready to nap under the bed because I am in an antisocial kind of mood right now. Last night I made the best chair steal of my nine-years. The kind of moment a cat lives for... We were in the rec room when I got on the couch and started prancing around a little while looking at the comfy Afgan I lay on normally. Bill got up and started to rearrange it for me but I had already gotten into his chair and made myself at home. He had the most shocked look because it must have been a mere second between him getting up and me moving in to the warm chair he had just conveniently vacated. I am going off to gloat a little right now.

nap time =]

Thursday, February 12, 2004

Hello 'net people,

I am living the life here, this is the perfect thing for a cat. The humans fill my food bowl whenever I meow at them, and I have my owner trained to lift me up into the kitty hammock whenever I want a nap. The house here is full of warm spots to lie in. Sigh.... :)

I am going to spook Psycho-cat then go off and nap a little, gotta enjoy this while it lasts ;)

Monday, February 09, 2004

well, I had a busy weekend napping. I am so tired from all this napping, that I ... (yawn) am going to do some serious napping tonight. Psycho-cat and I were getting along great this weekend, we even played a little together.

My owner got out the cat toy that is a retractable thing. Bill will throw it out and then he pushes a button on the handle and it comes back to him, or it is supposed to until I POUNCE on it. That is my favorite toy. the humans never bring it out often enough. When I first moved in they hit me in the nose with the lure part one time and for a bit I was afraid of it. But then I found out how to POUNCE on it.

Jesse tried to swat at me for being on the cat tower this morning but I let her know I have just as much right to be on it as her and swatted her back. That'll teach her.

Nappy time, more tomorrow ...

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

I'm baaaaack,

Genny here, Psycho-cat's guest appearance was a one time thing, unless my owner gives her the password. Note to self;must change password asap.

I watched a little TV tonight, there was a show with cats and dogs that sounded so much like they were actually there, and there was a doorbell that had me fooled...

I played a little bit of chair thief today, My owner' gf got up from her chair so I jumped up and got all comfy. End result, I had nicely prewarmed chair for my mid evening nap. Humans are so gullible ... =)

bed time, need to catch up on my beauty sleep ...

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Hello, this is Jesse; otherwise affectionately known as the Psycho-cat. Bill said he would help me post because Genny got herself in trouble tonight. Fat Kitty, as I call her, for some reason decided to pee on Bill's favorite towel ... It did have some interesting smells on it; but yeesh, don't bite the hand that feeds you. He threw the towel down into the basement and Genny just scrambled down the steps to check it out. Next thing I know, Bill's girlfriend and my owner (Bill was in the shower) was screaming and chasing Fat Kitty. Bill was really mad when he got out of the shower and he told me I could do the post tonight since Genny is being punished.

Fat Kitty is getting herself into lots of trouble lately, she got into my food last night and they know because she knocked some stuff off climbing up. She also eats too fast and throws up food on the carpet. Bill's girlfriend gets mad when she does that. Fat Kitty is stupid sometimes; when she needs a smack to straighten her up I happily volunteer for the duty. ^_^

Bill said he would let me post some more because Fat Kitty has a warped view of the world. Well, that is what happens when you lay on human's laps. She should just give'em the cold shoulder like I do.

'till next time ...

Monday, February 02, 2004

the last couple of days have been great! I managed to figure out how to get at Psycho-cat's food bowl and get a snack. I also chased her out of the closet sleeping spot. Today she got kinda bent when i cornered her coming down the stairs though. She hissed and swatted at me. I guess she is getting me back for the weekend. I was just playing. My owner and his girlfriend came home from "work" and I got playful. Psycho has no idea when to play. Sigh, I wish she would play with me a little, a simple chase would be nice, yeesh...

I am going to curl up under the blankets, I only do that when it gets real cold because I normally hate to be covered up.

Bill said that if I am not nice to Jesse he will let her write an entry into my blog so she can get me back for calling her a psycho. Ha! See if I care, she is mean to me.