Genny's Journal

What does a cat put in a blog? Well, find out here ...

Monday, March 22, 2004

Meow, ... It has been a lazy weekend for me, My owner had to work overtime and Laura went shopping so it was just me and pyscho-kitty. We both just napped.

There are some birds that hang out in the backyard that are up to something. I watch 'em every day just so they will not pull the wool over my eyes. I could fill a book with their exploits. I must watch them every day in case the come close to the house. Yesterday I climbed up on the table just to watch from a different angle; then I climbed up onto the butcher block stand to watch from that angle. These birds are up to no good, I will post as soon as I figure out what it is.

Sunday, March 14, 2004

meow ....

I had to go to the vet last week. It was ok until the second person came and used a Q-Tip to clean my ears. Grrrrrr, I wish the humans would leave my ears alone. My owner and his gf have been putting medicine into my ears since. It is cold, yeech! I wish they wouldn't do that stuff. Just leave all the wax in my ears, thank you. I can hear just fine with it all in there anyway. ;)

Good stuff, bad stuff time - Good is that Bill got some new "light" food for me to eat. YUM! I love that stuff. Hill's Science Diet is scrumptious. I could gobble that stuff all day. Bad is that Psychocat likes it too. She keeps coming over to my bowl and finishing it off. So, I have to scarf it down in one sitting, which makes me sick sometimes. Oh well, that food is MINE anyway. She just needs to be reminded of that with a good swat now and then. :)

have fun surfing!

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

hi 'net peeps ;)

The last few days have been cat heaven for me. My owner has been brushing me down, and feeding me every day. So I have been his buddy, following him wherever he goes and sleeping on his lap. Only bad thing is that he made me put Jesse on the members of this blog, I told him I would swat at her if she came near the keyboard.

They keep mentioning a "trip" I am going to have to take soon, I am afraid that means the "vet". I hate that place. The mean people there keep putting needles in me and it hurts! I am going to hide this weekend so I do not have to go. If I do not post, it is because I am hiding...

meow ...