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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sockington conquers twitter

My owner woke me up from my nappy time to show me a cats' twitter feed that is over 91,000 followers strong, by tomorrow @Sockington should be over 100,000. I got a meow out of Sockington's housemate @Pennycat having a meltdown at crossing 90,000 followers in the Sock's Army. Poor Penny she reminds me of putting up with Pyscho-Kitty all this time.

Ha! Socks has a blog at Meow!!

now for back to nappytime....

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Monday, December 29, 2008

back again

a long nappy time and I am back! Ready to make the world purr.

Rescue in Gaza

will someone please explain to me why they are rescueing Turkeys in the Gaza warzone? Turkeys are for eating and a few bombs just serves to cook them. YUM!

Sunday, December 19, 2004

A rompin' in the snow...

My owner took me out in the snow today. I like snow even if it melt and makes my paws wet. The wind I did not care for but it was ok next to the house where the wind was less.

Best part was when Laura put the leash on me and took me out onto the patio. I got to sniff things and walk around. Psycho-kitty was staring at me from inside but I was having to good of a time to taunt her.

I spooked the heck out of my owner when he was typing up his blog and I jumped up onto his desk. Serves him right for calling me fat all day and threatening me with a diet again.

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Meow again ...

I am using a new trick to annoy my owners. When they leave for "work" and abandon us. I just go and hide way under the bed and refuse to come out. This totally annoys them because it means that they have to leave the bedroom door open when they leave. One time they tricked me out by getting Amy to call me out but last time I refused to budge until they left. Psycho-kitty likes it because she gets to sleep on the main bed during the day but I just want to annoy them.

Laura got some new food for us to try. Yuck, it has fish in it. Why can't she just stick to turkey or hamburger and not bother with the crazy stuff like cheese that psycho-kitty likes. Laura got Liv-a-Little snacks for psycho-kitty. Figures that Jesse would like freeze-dried fish. Am I the only who sees a trend with the "health food for pets" stuff.?

Hey, cats and dogs have music for download at iTunes. Rhythym and Mews sounds very good. Gotta bug my owner to get iTunes.

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Meow, That was a long nap...

I have finally trained my owner in the best way to pet me, problem is that he is faking being busy all the time and does not pet me enough.

Psycho-cat has been better, she still does not play with me. She really needs to lighten up...

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Chipmunks are evil.

There is one in the backyard on that patio. I keep watching and readying to pounce but I wonder what he is up to out there. What evil do chipmunks do when no one is looking? Are they really just the little fluffy balls of fur we think they are? Or maybe when we are not looking at them do they show their real selves. I mean I do not think they were behind the Nixon scandal. At least my owner tells me they were not, that was a little before my time. Some of the comments here make me wonder if people remember to take their grain of salt before they read those grocery store "newspapers" like Weekly World News. Meantime I am going to continue to watch this one. If he links up and starts plotting the overthrow of the Free World I will see it first.....

Pyscho-kitty has to run and hide every time it thunders, silly cat....

Thursday, May 20, 2004

My owner went outside to cut the grass again tonight, I am a little aggravated that he did not take me outside when I meowed at him. Humans are so obtuse.

There is no truth to the rumor that I fell off the windowsill yesterday. It was just an internet rumor. I never fall off anything. I am the epitome of grace ... Hey, I mean it! :)

And while we are on the subject of rumors, I did not jump onto the butcher block and eat that Basil plant. It did not taste good enough for me to eat. ;)

I do not think that Cheeseman is fat. Why did they put him on a diet? Stoopid humans they should have given him more TLC.

Psycho Kitty has been nice to me lately, I must be wearing her down with my charm and personality. I am sooooooo adorable. :)